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Curious about the secrets of a 50-cent coin, I decided to buy a digital microscope to decrypt it. The item I have bought is Andonstar AD105S digital microscope which is easy to use and have all the funcitons I need. Since I have a clear target to observe, my requirements are simple: 1) It's OK to have a lower magnification, as long as you can see the mites; 2) It's easy to capture images; 3) I don't need to spend too much time comparing single slide, coverslip, stain, tweezers and other experimental supplies; 4) The price is not too high, and it's very...

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As we all know, the microscope has been an important and indispensable instrument in laboratory teaching and scientific research for a long time. According to the different types of microscopes, they can be divided into optical, electronic and digital microscopes, which together build up different problem-solving application systems. The basic principles, applications, advantages and disadvantages of different types of microscopes are explained and analyzed, which are of great significance for laboratories to select and apply microscopes according to their needs.As technology advances, microscopes have been added some functions to become new types of microscopes, such as polarized microscope, coaxial light...

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Eager to encounter an equivalent to industrial digital microscope? Andonstar ADSM302 Digital Microscope is what you seek for. Its built-in industrial grade lens with UV Block produce excellent and high-quality images in well depth without any delay. With 5 inch high-definition display, this product will bring you an excellent visual experience: you will see clearly and know better about the object you are working with, thus you will make your work preciser, more accurate and more scientific. Easy to replace, the front UV mirror is dust-proof and smoke-proof. Therefore, ADSM302 is able to withstand the heat and smoke from hot air gun and soldering iron operation,...

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