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  Gemology microscopes come with advanced features, though they’re easy to use. Some also include the ability to assign saving folders which helps with organizing images, or features that allow you to annotate images. Ring holders, gemstone and diamond stages, and light boxes are specially designed accessories you can find on some gemology microscopes that help aid in delivering the best imaging results. Below are some of the salient features of a good gemology microscope. Zoom adjustment The location of this feature can be at the top or on the sides of the microscope’s head. It should always be set...

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Maybe you are looking for a digital microscope with an USB microscope camera or a camera close to laboratory microscope camera for your research interest and home laboratories? Seeking such digital microscope isn't very easy in light of so many digital microscope of different quality on the market. But you will relieve to find Andonstar A1 digital microscope because its functions and performances will satisfy all your demands. Equipped with USB microscope camera which is consisted of high-quality CMOS sensor and 2 MPx sensor, Andonstar A1 digital microscope enable you to magnify your reaserch objects up to 500 times and to capture high-quality images and videos with...

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