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Curious about the secrets of a 50-cent coin, I decided to buy a digital microscope to decrypt it. The item I have bought is Andonstar AD105S digital microscope which is easy to use and have all the funcitons I need. Since I have a clear target to observe, my requirements are simple: 1) It's OK to have a lower magnification, as long as you can see the mites; 2) It's easy to capture images; 3) I don't need to spend too much time comparing single slide, coverslip, stain, tweezers and other experimental supplies; 4) The price is not too high, and it's very...

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Digital microscopy is one of the hot words in microscopy, there are several facts worth knowing.  What is a digital microscope? Digital microscope needs optical microscope with digital camera, but doesn't need eyepieces. Observation and analysis of the sample image can be realized directly on the electronic monitor display. The digital microscope can also be a traditional stereo microscope or a compound microscope with eyepieces, but it is also equipped with a camera.  In which applications can I use a digital microscope? Digital microscope is an ideal instrument for analyzing and recording parts and samples during R&D, manufacturing and inspection,...

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Digital microscope has undergone some great improvements, which have changed the experience of end-users. Advanced but user-friendly digital microscope has completely changed many industries and allowed users to complete inspection tasks more effectively. Microscopes have been used for general inspection, quality control and research and development in industry for decades. The digital revolution of microscope expands the function of optical microscope by creating new possibilities, such as image sharing, analysis and measurement. They pave the way for complex and user-friendly experiences-especially industrial applications.The advantage of digital microscope is that it is an independent instrument with easy-to-use control devices, which are either...

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As we all know, the microscope has been an important and indispensable instrument in laboratory teaching and scientific research for a long time. According to the different types of microscopes, they can be divided into optical, electronic and digital microscopes, which together build up different problem-solving application systems. The basic principles, applications, advantages and disadvantages of different types of microscopes are explained and analyzed, which are of great significance for laboratories to select and apply microscopes according to their needs.As technology advances, microscopes have been added some functions to become new types of microscopes, such as polarized microscope, coaxial light...

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Technology is changing rapidly. 2020 is accelerating the tech industry. The latest trends in technology are constantly emerging, and so is the digital microscope industry. Let's have a look at the newest digital microscope model ini 2020 to grasp the latest technology trends.With the emergence of 4K ultra high resolution display, images in 1080P can no longer meet the requirements of some users for picture clarity. Combined with the 140MP CMOS image sensor, Andonstar have launched the AD1605 4K Ultra HD Industrial Video Microscope. Featuring an oversized metal base, it can provide users with infinite operation and working space and enough room to place...

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